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Ackawi Mild Firm, smooth Middle Eastern-style table cheese
Asadero Mild Firm, moist Sandwiches, or melted on cooked 
Bakers Cheese Mild Soft curds Similar to cottage cheese, but smoother and softer, for baked goods.
Baladi Mild, rich Soft, creamy Middle Eastern cheese for crackers, sandwiches or as an appetizer.
Cottage Cheese Mild Soft, moist, with small or large curd Eat alone or use in salads or dips
Cream Cheese Mild Soft, smooth Sandwiches and cooked foods.
Curd Mild Semi-soft, creamy, moist Cooked foods
Fromage Blanc Mild, tangy Soft, creamy Use as a baking ingredient, in cooked foods, and with fruit.
Mascarpone Mild, sweet Soft, creamy Italian-style cheese commonly used in desserts or with fruit.
Mozzarella Delicate, fresh milk Soft, creamy smooth Used in salads, as an appetizer, or for pizza
Panela Mild Firm, moist Hispanic-style cheese, with flavor like cottage cheese for salads, sandwiches, cooked foods, and with fruit.
Quark Light, tart Smooth, spreadable Similar to cottage cheese, for use in baking, dips and fruit.
Queso Blanco Fresco Mild Firm, moist Crumble onto fruit, beans, salads and other dishes.
Queso para Prier Mild Firm, moist Can be fried without melting.
Queso Fresco Mild, slightly salty Soft, moist, crumbly Popular Hispanic-style cheese used as a toping or filling in cooked dishes, and with fruit.
Requeson Very mild, semi-sweet Soft, moist, grainy Hispanic version of ricotta, used in salads, dips, cooked foods and desserts.

Ricota Very mild semi-sweet Soft, moist, grainy Italian-style cheese for salads, dips, cooked foods and desserts.  Similar to cottage cheese, but slightly sweeter with a smoother texture.
Breakfast Cheese Strong aromatic White crust, with soft creamy interior Serve at breakfast with bread and fruit, or as an appetizer.
Brie Mild, rich White crust, with soft creamy interior As an appetizer with crakers or bread, and as a dessert with fruit.  Can also be baked.
Brie (Triple Creme) Mild, rich White crust, with soft creamy interior Richer taste and mouthfeel than regular Brie, due to higher fat content.
Camembert Mild, rich White crust, with soft creamy interior Delicious with melons, grapes or crackers or bread.  Use in cream sauce & cooked dishes.
Schloss Strong to pungent Semi-firm, creamy German-style washed-rind cheese, served by itself, or with crackers or bread.
Teleme Mild with slightly tangy aftertaste Soft, creamy Serve as an appetizer, with crackers or bread, or in salads or with fruit.

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