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Creamy, wholesome Horizon Organic milk is as good for you as it is delicious because it's produced with no antibiotics, no added growth hormones and no dangerous pesticides.  Our cows eat only organic feed and have access to clean water, fresh air, organic pasture and exercise.  All of our milk is pasteurized, homogenized and fortified with Vitamin D, and our fat free, reduced fat and lowfat milk have added vitamin A. Taste the difference of Horizon Organic!

Available in Half Gallon Size & Single Serve Size

Organic Eggs:

  • Org X-Large Eggs 6 Pack

  • Org X-Large Eggs 12-6 Pack

  • Org Large Eggs 15-Dozen


  • Raw Whole Milk 64oz
  • Raw Whole Milk 32oz
  • Raw Skim Milk 64oz
  • Raw Skim Milk 32oz
  • Raw Cream 16oz
  • Raw Colostrum 16oz
  • Butter
  • Cheese




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